Fall Weddings, INspired

Good afternoon, Bella’s Readers!

It’s beginning to look a lot like fall around here. The air is cooling off, the leaves are hinting they’re about to change and Bella Christie’s is in full fall-themed-baking swing.

fall weddings, pittsburgh bakery Have you noticed it, too? Fall Weddings are getting all the more popular in recent years. Our busy Wedding Season only used to hit the Summer, now we’re seeing brides walking down aisles in white dresses all the way til November!

In a few weeks, we have plans to zone-in and feature a fall favorite wedding – but, fall weddings, pittsburgh bakerysince the nuptial event has quite happened yet, we’re scratching this blog post’s surface with Fall Theme Wedding Inspriations…

It’s not the fall season without falling leaves. What we’re noticing this 2014 – lots of requests for fondant shaped leaves, in all sorts of colors – red, orange, yellow… you name it we’ve done it.

Twigs. Believe it or not, we’ve made plans for a few cakes already with fondant and sculpted twigs to be placed on them.

Pumpkins, how could we forget?! Pumpkin cake pops, pumpkin themed bachlorette and grooms cakes. We like to use that edible glitter, especially during this season! Custom Pumpkin Shaped and Decorated, cookies – too!

fall weddings, pittsburgh bakery

fall weddings, pittsburgh bakery

Fall Wedding? or even a fall themed party? Give us a call – 412-722-1283, ask for Amanda.

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