We Love Wedding Season!

Hi Readers!
It is officially.. WEDDING SEASON! This is without a doubt a bakery’s busiest time of the year and we are no exception. Between the everyday cake masterpieces we create and the hustle of wedding season, this time of year can be a bit challenging. As a team, we strive to ensure that every customer is more than satisfied with their BCZ experience. With that being said, our production team can only handle a limited amount of orders. Since we are a custom dessert bakery, each item takes a little more time and effort to “perfect”. As a business, we do not want to take time away from any existing orders that have been placed ahead of time. Therefore, last minute orders won’t always be able to be fulfilled.

Our advice to our customers is to place your orders as soon as possible! We hate telling customers that we cannot take their orders due to reaching our maximum production limit, so help us avoid this issue by planning ahead of time! We appreciate each and every one of you as well as your business with our Bella Christie Team! Let’s make this wedding season a spectacular one 🙂

BCZ Blogger