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#Bev, Employee Spotlight

Good morning, Bella’s Readers! Bev lead decorator

How are you this fine Friday morning? We hope you’re ready and rearing to go for the weekend! But before you go, we want to give you this month’s Employee Spotlight via the Bella Christiez Blog =)

Have you met Bev? Our Lead Cake Decorator… she’s been decorating cakes for almost 5 years! Wowza, this girl knows technique!

And we’ve been lucky enough to host her talents for the past few years.

Our next question for Bev… Q: What is your passion behind your craft? A: I really enjoyed baking with my Mom when I lived at home, and I didn’t do too bad back then! So, I decided to make it a career, and cake decorating is very popular in the Bakery Industry, so I gave it a shot! It was a fun craft where I learned new designs and techniques, daily.

Q: What is your favorite part about working at Bella Christie and Lil’ Z’s?
A: Bella Christiez is very diverse, I have never made the same cake twice! I enjoy having the freedom to do what I believe to be best and it’s great to use my own creativity!
Q: What was one of your first experiences decorating cakes?
I first made a fondant covered cake for my sisters birthday 4 years ago, and it was a mess! Now that I look back on it – haha… but, I loved using fondant and making a bow out of it. Ever since then, I have been doing cakes for friends and family at home. At first, I worked at a bakery where I would see cakes being made all the time – I learned a lot from them. And now, I’ve since moved and have become Bella Christiez Lead Cake Decorator.
What is Bev’s favorite cake design and technique to use? The quilted fondant with pearls in between each Bev lead decoratorcrossing, and I still love making bows, she’s an expert now.
Q: How often do you experiment with different styles? A: Everyday at work! I don’t think there has been one week where I didn’t learn a new style of icing or decorating.
Q: Bev – do you bake at home? A: Yes! I love #Fall baking because it is pumpkin season, and everything tastes better with pumpkin (we couldn’ agree more!).
// A little more about Bev… outside of her work at Bella Christiez… //
Q: Did you go to school for pastry arts or did you just have a passion for it? A: I had a passion for it, but my parents wanted me to get a degree and I’m glad they pushed me to go to school for Baking and Pastries because I learned a lot. I graduated with my associates degree at Westmorland Community College in May of 2013.
bev, lead decorator bella christiezQ: If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would be the two things you couldn’t live without?
A: Food and water, seriously. A cell phone would be nice too if I could pick three!
Q: What are your favorite travel destinations? A: I love florida, but one day somewhere more tropical with clear water so I can go scuba diving!
Doesn’t she sound like a fun, excited gal? We think so! Give us a call, 412-772-1283 to learn more about the types of #CustomCakes Bev can design for you! We can’t wait to hear from you.
Sweetly Yours,
The Bella Christiez Team
*All cakes pictured are Bev’s designs.

Bella’s First Blog

Why, hello there, folks! Thank you for stopping by and reading our first ever post on the Bella Christie’s & Lil’ Z’s blog. We’re happy to have you here and even more excited to share with you this week’s features and specialty sweet treats!

Before we dive into what’s happening, here’s the month of May in review. Our #BellaChristiez sweet treats attended Maniac Magazine’s #PartyAtThePoint on the 14th. We made mini cupcakes and cake pops special for the party. We don’t have any pictures to share, because all their guests gobbled those sweets right up =)Baby Shower BBQ, Bella Christiez

Via our Bella Christie’s and Lil’ Z’s Social Feeds (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest) – aweek filled entirely of customized #KidCake pictures and testimonials as  well as a week dedicated to Shower Cakes… showers of all kinds, too! Baby and Wedding, just to name a few. Here, to the right is one of our favorite photos…

Bella Christie's, Ice Cream Sandwich Pittsburgh

We also proudly announced our brand-new Ice Cream Sandwiches for Lawrenceville’s SweetBoutique location! These aren’t just any kind of ice-cream sandwich… we’re sandwiching our vanilla ice cream with donuts and brownies! Isn’t this the yummiest collage (to the left) you ever did see?

What’s new for this first week in June? …aside from those Ice Cream Sandwiches the entire summer in Lawrenceville, we’ve also implemented a new made-to-order breakfast and lunch sandwich menu. We’re stocked full with delicious egg-whites, meats, cheeses and veggies to create any sandwich, just how you like!

This Sunday, June 8th Bella Christiez Food-Truck will be on-location at Carnegie Library’s 2014 Reading Extravaganza from 12-5p! (Click the link for event information.)

Don’t forget! We now have TWO locations, our first Sweet Treats home in Aspinwall and now a #SweetBoutique in Lawrenceville. The name is the same, but the sweet-contents do differ a bit! Make sure you visit both locations to experience it all. Lawrenceville’s location not only serves up our traditional cookies, cakes, cupcakes & more – it also offers a cafe atmostphere and room upstairs for wi-fi working and a party space for hosting!

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for next week’s post, too!

Your Sweet Friends at Bella Christiez