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It’s that time of year, folks. I know – say it ain’t so, but we must. Fall is coming. We teased you all a bit last week, with the leaves that are about to be falling, but this isn’t any teaser of a post here – it’s full force, back to school and fall!

August brings most of us here at Bella Christiez a transition. We go from weddings all day, everyday to festively-themed sweet treats. The snowball effect begins right here, with back to school! Yep, you heard us right – it’s #bts and we’re celebrating by crafting awesome #customcookies for little kiddos, their teachers and… their parents (who are celebrating in an entirely different way, wink*).

back to school, bella christiez

These back-to-school buttercream cookies, in all the classic colors, are one tasty option. Place in a lunchbox, on your teachers desk (we think the apple would be great!) or give to the entire class. That’s another great idea, in #sweettreat news – is your child having a happy-birthday soon? We’re great for class-cookies, class-cakes and anything classroom-custom.

Not to mention, we keep our allergies in check here at Bella Christie’s – we are able to create gluten and nut-free sweet treats too! It’s great to have those details taken care of when it comes to kids in a classroom.

Give a call to either one of our locations, Aspinwall or Lawrenceville… we can’t wait to hear from you! Aspinwall: 412-772-1283 Lawrenceville: 412-687-1265

Oh So Sweetly Yours,
Bella Christiez