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#EmployeeSpotlight: RUMI

Good PM, Bella Christie’s Readers – how are you this delicious Wednesday evening?
It is more than official – #BackToSchool is in full gear, kiddos off running to yellow school buses and Moms and Dads working into new routines and new schedules and left to be reading our #BellaChristiez blog posts, in quiet 😉 We’re off to featuring our first Employee Spotlight today – Rumi, our resident Cookie Designer!
Rumi, Bella Christiez Pastry ChefDabbling in CCAC’s Culinary Arts Program for two years, Rumi is mostly all self-taught when it comes to the pastry arts. She’s been decorating cookies for over two years! Before coming on board with us here at Bella’s, Rumi decorated Gingerbread Houses, Cupcakes, Cakes & Cakepops.
Ever since Rumi was a child, she enjoyed doodling and drawing – this, cookie decorating, is an extension of that. Aside from the people she works with – Rumi loves working at Bella Christiez  because she has freedom to create all the different designs on cookies her heart desires! Silhouettes, using a projector to create characters – mock cartoons and movie regulars.
Rumi, Bella Christiez Pastry Chef Rumi, Bella Christiez Pastry Chef Rumi, Bella Christiez Pastry Chef Rumi, Bella Christiez Pastry Chef
Q: Do you experiment often with different styles and techniques?
A: Yes. I have to constantly experiement with different designs to meet the customers’ requests.
Q: What does your daily schedule, at Bella Christie’s & Lil’ Z’s look like on a routine?
A: I start decorating cookies at 7:00am and sometimes, I don’t leave until long after closing hours.
Rumi – no stranger to passion for her work, does like to take a little rest and relaxation once she travels home after her day baking & decorating at our Bake Shoppe. “After a full day’s work, I like to just relax.” And boy, does this gal deserve it! Have you seen the pictures associated with this post – they’re all her, ladies & gentleman!
While Rumi’s relaxing, and daydreaming about cookie decoration (of course!) she also enjoys watching Japanese shows on the internet. And when we asked her – if she were stuck on a deserted island, and were only allowed two things – we expected her to say cookie batter and icing – but she replied with the smartest answer: “My computer and internet access so that I ca send for help to rescue me!”
It’s no surprise some of Rumi’s favorite travel destinations are Walt Disney World & National Parks – have you seen her inspiration? Disney’s Frozen, WICKED and all the Disney Princesses have shown up on her #customcookies – a time or two.
Thank you, Rumi, for all that you do! We couldn’t be baking with you!
Sweetly Yours, The Bella Christiez Team